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My name is Bobby Fratta. I was a firefighter, emergency care attendant and honest police officer who's not accused of ever having committed any act of violence in my life. Yet here I sit on Texas Death Row after being framed for capital murder by my now deceased ex father-in-law ("Lex") and corrupt detectives, prosecutors, and judges Lex made donations to. This site consists of the more important legal documents and evidence I had to painstakingly get and file myself (pro se) because my court appointed attorneys didn't. It all PROVES I'm COMPLETELY INNOCENT, and that the evidence was "LEGALLY INSUFFICIENT" to have convicted me anyway. Incredibly, ALL the courts have thus far REFUSED to rule on the merits of my documents' issues by claiming they are not legally obligated to accept such pro se filings - even tho they certainly CAN and SHOULD.
It all started with the Houston/Harris County citizens on a grand jury. Prosecutors TOLD THEM I was NOT at the scene of the crime at all and did NOT shoot anyone or commit any burglary, yet they STILL SIGNED OFF on INDICTING ME of being AT the scene AND shooting someone while committing a burglary of my own house. Why did they do such an unlawful and immoral thing? It's because the prosecutors (and judge?) TOLD THEM to indict me THAT WAY! HOW can supposed honest people be so EASILY MANIPULATED to intentionally indict someone for a crime they KNEW WITH 100% CERTAINTY the person did NOT commit? Yet that's what was done to me, and you can see a scanned copy of my indictment for yourselves herein this site. Then at trial, a new jury of supposedly honest intelligent people were read my indictment up front and KNEW the charge against me. Then the prosecutors' evidence told them a completely NEW AND DIFFERENT STORY of SOMEONE ELSE supposedly being at the scene who committed the murder and burglary. The prosecutors concede, and their evidence PROVES I NEVER solicited, encouraged, directed, aided or attempted to aid that suspect; NEVER conspired with him; and NEVER even knew of his existence. Then AFTER the prosecutors completed their case against me, they and the judge COMPLETELY CHANGED MY INDICTMENT by ADDING what's called a "law of parties" to the jury charge, and the jurors found me GUILTY of "soliciting, encouraging, directing, aiding or attempting to aid" THAT suspect; again, simply because prosecutors TOLD THEM to find me guilty regardless of their own evidence of my innocence. In other words, the jurors were JUST TOLD by the prosecutors' EVIDENCE I did NOT do ANY of those things. So how does something like this happen?! And it gets worse. The same "pillars of society" jurors then sentenced me to be executed even tho they heard NO evidence of me ever committing any act of violence or breaking any law. How did I go from being loved by "everyone", to suddenly being deemed an animal unfit to live - simply because prosecutors who'd never met or knew me say so?! So we have prosecutors, detectives and jurors who accuse me of wanting someone killed who was doing all kinds of harmful acts against me, my 3 children and the laws. Those jurors, etc, DO want ME KILLED even tho I've never done anything against them, their children or the laws. How do they justify it being perfectly ALRIGHT FOR THEM TO WANT ME KILLED, yet, NOT alright for me in their accusation that I wanted someone killed? Isn't that hypocritical? But THAT is HOW our system functions. So much for justice.
The following link, "Proof Positive of Bobby's Innocence", contains all the applicable State's evidence and Texas laws to simply and EASILY PROVE to all readers that I'm COMPLETELY INNOCENT. It's a short MUST-READ.
For a more detailed proof of my innocence, read the "4/16/22 Subsequent Writ of Innocence" under the "Important Current and Recent Filings" link.
The link following that contains some of my most "Important Current and Recent Filings" in the Supreme Court, federal courts, and Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.
The "2018 Certiorari Documents" link contains my previous certiorari, but its Appendices contain a great deal of information and new evidence proving my innocence and the legal insufficiency of the evidence.
The "Prystash and Guidry Statements and Affidavit" link contains separate DETAILED statements (and an affidavit) voluntarily given by the 2 men the State accused and convicted of being at the scene and actually committing the murder I'm also convicted of. Those statements EXONERATE ME and fully explain HOW & WHY the killing occurred.
Anyone who reads everything on this site will see how corrupt our system is, and that I should rightfully be acquitted, released and fully exonerated. Since the courts won't accept and rule on my pro se filings, I NEED NEW AND GOOD ATTORNEYS to come onto my case.
I've also written and published a book titled: THE SOLUTION TO END RACIAL, RELIGIOUS AND POLITICAL TENSIONS - which is available in paperback and digital on, and I need help promoting it so others can be helped. Perhaps SOMEONE(S) CAN MAKE GOOD MONEY promoting my book on social media sources.
And if anyone wants to read some articles I've written about Death Row, and substitute addictions, just go to the site.
If anyone has any questions or would care to help somehow, please write me at the snailmail address below, or via prisoner services. Either way, please be sure to give me your SNAILMAIL contact so I can reply. And if you don't hear back from me, please write again since mail does get "lost" sometimes.
Thank you.
Bobby Fratta
Polunsky Unit, #999189
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston, TX 77351

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Robert Alan Fratta #999189
Polunsky Unit
3872 F.M. 350 South
Texas 77351

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